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Cataract Lens Surgery

Navashakthi Nethralaya is completely furnished with the most current innovation for performing sutureless Cataract surgeries. Our Department of Cataract has gained gigantic ground in the past recent years. We additionally have expanded the limit in our out-patient office with streamlined frameworks for discussion and examination.

Cataract is the main source of diminished vision and visual impairment in the current generation. It can be cured by a straightforward cataract extraction microsurgery, which, nowadays is performed utilizing propelled technology in a brief timeframe.

What exactly Cataract mean?

It’s a clouding of the normal focal point, which keeps light beams from reaching the retina.
At a right time, an adjustment in glass power may offer for assistance.
Going forward, it dynamically influences vision, till at long last, just the view of light remains.

Symptoms of Cataract

  • Gradual obscuring of vision.
  • Twofold vision.
  • Issue with finding in poor light conditions
  • Trouble in distance vision and also in reading.

Surgery Methods

  • This type of surgery can be done manually by 5-6 mm wounds known as Small Inscision Cataract Surgery.
  • Phacoemulsification is acknowledged at current universisty as the standard care for such Cataract Surgery.
  • Here ultrasound energy is utilized as a part of phacoemulsification to separate the cataract into microscopic sections which can be drained out of the eye.

Procedures to be followed before operation

  • Good health has to be maintained
  • Blood pressure, Diabetes, and other health related problems should be in control
  • Detailed checkup of retina is mandatory